Midnight Musings

*Content originally posted on Eclipse Nirvana Blog*

Coincidence is a funny thing. It makes you wonder and realize that maybe everything you experience does happen for a reason. While I was walking back to my apartment one night, I bumped into some friends from an acapella team. As they walked to their room across the hall, they were whistling the same song that I had listened to on my iPod earlier that day. Coincidence? Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. Perhaps I’m just over-reading into things. As a psychologist, I can tend to do that. Whether or not this small instance can be labeled a coincidence, it doesn’t change the feeling of familiarity or sense of connectedness I experienced during that moment. As Albert Einstein once said,

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

Maybe coincidence is the way the divinity within us – the spirit, the soul, Atman, whatever you want to call it – reveals itself to us for a brief moment before hiding again, beneath the depths and layers of socialization and conditioning.

Define coincidence for yourself. Maybe it is an instance of spontaneity? Or perhaps a spark of random energy. A gateway to endless possibilities. An insightful experience. A moment. A connection. Coincidence.


What do you think?

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