Music Review: Baaghi

The makers of Baaghi have released the film’s full official soundtrack! Music for the film has been composed by Meet Bros, Amaal Mallik, Ankit Tiwari, and Manj Musik, with lyrics penned by Kumaar, Abhendra Kumar, Sanjeev Chaturvedi, and Raftaar.

The first track, “Sab Tera”, was the first video song to be released from Baaghi. A melodious romantic track, there is nothing particularly new or unique in the melody but Shraddha Kapoor and Armaan Mallik’s voices, complementing the soft mellow orchestration, make this song a beautiful listen. The picturesque beach backgrounds in the video also add a nice touch to this track.

“Let’s Talk About Love” has easily become one of the most popular music videos from Baaghi in the last week, with Tiger Shroff killing it with his amazing dance moves. Sung by Raftaar and Neha Kakkar, this high energy pumping song has a jive/rock n roll feel. While it is extremely addictive, the vocals could have been mixed to be a bit louder, as the trumpet stands out a bit too much when it overlaps with the voices, which makes it hard to discern the texture of Raftaar and Neha’s voices. That being said, this is definitely my favorite track of the film so far!

“Cham Cham” is a song with many different musical elements. Sung by Monali Thakur and Meet Bros, the melody of the chorus line is one that will grow on you as the song progresses. The nadaswaram tune interspersed throughout the song is slightly random but interesting and makes me wonder how this track will be pictured in the film. I love the female harmonies section towards the middle and the speed increase at the end, which truly makes it seem like a garba song.

“Agar Tu Hota” begins like any typical Ankit Tiwari song with  a melodic buildup before the beat comes in about two minutes later. Unfortunately, this melody is slightly boring and not as soulful as other Ankit Tiwari tracks. I found myself waiting for something rhythmically or melodically interesting to happen but no such moment ever appeared.

Sung by Meet Bros, Arijit Singh, Roach Killa, and Khushboo Grewal, “Girl I Need You” sounds somewhat like an American hip-hop track, especially with the English lyrics interspersed with Hindi ones. I love the part where the lyrics speed up in this groovy track. The flute orchestration in between adds a nice Indian touch to this Western-sounding track. Compared to the rest of the song, however, the ending is a bit abrupt and anti-climactic.

Final Verdict: Baaghi is a comparatively more melodious album than many Bollywood soundtracks of recent times. “Let’s Talk About Love” easily stands out as the most unique and different because of its jive genre. Baaghi stars Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor and is slated to release in theaters on April 29, 2016.


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