Fan: Crazy in Love

For many people who saw the trailer of Fan, their first reaction would have been something along the lines of: “Wow, how self obsessed!” Despite the narcissistic light with which this trailer was viewed and commented on, Shah Rukh Khan claims that this film is an ode to his fans all over the world. With this movie, King Khan also demonstrates his acting prowess, proving why he has been consistently popular in the Bollywood film industry for nearly 25 years.


As the film title suggests, the basic premise of Fan revolves around a movie star, Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan), who is idolized by Gaurav Chandna (Shah Rukh Khan), a young man who loves Aryan deeply and calls himself one of his biggest fans. The rest of the film involves Gaurav chasing Aryan, Aryan chasing Gaurav, and lots of emotional drama in between.


One of the major strengths of Fan is the development of the plot and characters. Both Gaurav and Aryan are immensely obstinate individuals who are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals and desires. We always hear about superstars having large egos, but for the first time, director Maneesh Sharma shows us the repercussions of a fan like Gaurav, who prides himself on his identity as Junior Aryan Khanna, having an even bigger ego. When Aryan’s ego and Gaurav’s ego clash, sparks fly wild between these two stubborn souls.


Throughout the film, viewers may find themselves relating to the struggles of both Gaurav and Aryan. Many of us are fans in our own ways – whether of Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood or otherwise – and Gaurav’s passion is familiar, even though it may not necessarily be channeled in the right direction. The scene where Gaurav imitates Aryan in the super sitara contest is superb, as we are taken on a trip down memory lane of King Khan’s popular roles in DDLJ, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Om Shanti Om, and the like.


Needless to say, Shah Rukh Khan has acted brilliantly in this film as both Gaurav and Aryan. The creepy obsession of Gaurav was reminiscent of SRK’s spine-chilling performance in Darr, and Aryan’s moral message about identity and being yourself was fascinating and reflective. While the concept and story are interesting, for a movie revolving around two main characters both played by the same actor, Fan is a long film and feels dragging at many points, particularly towards the end.


Final Verdict: Fan is a no-masala, crazy love story between an arrogant superstar and his obsessive admirer. If you are a die-hard fan (pun intended), then watch (yourself in) this film.


What do you think?

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