Music Review: Azhar

The makers of Azhar have released the full official soundtrack for the film. Music has been composed by Amaal Mallik, with one song each created by guest composers Pritam and DJ Chetas. Lyrics are penned by Kumaar, Rashmi Virag, Anand Bakshi, and Manoj Yadav.

“Bol Do Na Zara”, the first video to be released from the album, is a soulful melody featuring Armaan Mallik, whose voice sounds exquisite in this song. The guitar, piano, and flute layering in the track’s orchestration beautifully complements the melody. The mixing in this track is also fantastic, as listeners can hear almost all the instrumental elements used in the song. Definitely my favorite from the film so far!

Sung by Arijit Singh and Antara Mitra, “Itni Si Baat Hain” is a romantic track featuring cute onscreen chemistry between Emraan and Prachi in the video. Arijit Singh’s voice sounds so effortless in this song, and he easily floats between low and high vocal ranges. The male-female layering of harmonies towards the end of the melody is a nice touch by Pritam.

The beginning of “Oye Oye” got me excited about his old-world inspired melody. The chorus line for this remixed electronic track, sung by Aditi Singh Sharma and Armaan Mallik, is supremely addictive, and is complemented by Nargis showing off her sexy moves in the video!

“Tu Hi Na Jaane”, sung by Sonu Nigam and Prakriti Kakar, has somewhat of a rock vibe with the beats and constant guitars in the background. It is nice to hear Sonu Nigam’s voice after quite some time and needless to say, he does justice to it completely. Music composer Amaal Mallik utilizes an interesting blend of western musical elements (guitar) and Indian instruments (sarangi) in this track’s orchestration. Unfortunately, it is quite a long song and fails to sustain interest for its entire duration.

Sung by K.K, “Jeetne Ke Liye” has an interesting rhythm, which changes slightly towards the end of each 8-count cycle. While K.K’s range at the end of this song is absolutely incredible and a true testament to his talent as a playback singer in the Bollywood music industry, this song is generally somewhat boring to hear on its own, perhaps because it makes sense within the context of the film.

Final Verdict: Azhar is a decent album, nothing extraordinary but not terrible either. Armaan Mallik steals the show with his rendering of “Bol Do Na Zara”, which is easily one of the most well arranged tracks in this entire album. Nevertheless, we look forward to seeing this songs as part of the big picture when Azhar releases.


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