Finding Dory: Memory Loss and Self-Acceptance

In 2003, Pixar released Finding Nemo, a classic animation that has become somewhat of a cult film for people of all ages. 13 years later, Disney Pixar and team are back with Finding Dory, the much awaited sequel about our favorite blue fish in the ocean.


Finding Dory follows the tale of Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), a friendly fish with short-term memory loss. In the prequel, she accompanied Marlin (Albert Brooks) on the journey to find his son Nemo (Hayden Rolence). This time, Dory finds herself searching for something closer to her heart – her family and her home. What ensues is a series of adventures that leads Dory to realize her potential, while remembering old friends and making new ones.


This movie follows a very similar arc to its prequel, and the filmmakers have utilized a similar formula of comedy + action + sentimental emotion to deliver a powerful message with entertainment. Structurally, the film swaps between present and past, cutting to flashbacks of adorable baby Dory with her parents. Dory’s memories have been interwoven and tied into the story at appropriate times to further plot development and help Dory on her journey.


Finding Dory is a film about many things but at the core, it tackles the issue of amnesia and short-term memory loss. We see Dory portrayed as an outgoing, bubbly fish who gets along with just about anyone. Yet, Dory too experiences embarrassment and inferiority complexes about her memory problem and its impact on others. The difference is that she forgets about and does not ruminate over her insecurities. Thus, in a way, her memory loss makes her more determined to overcome obstacles with a positive attitude.

finding-dory (1)

One thing that is great about most Disney Pixar films is that folks of any age will thoroughly enjoy them. Animation movies like Finding Dory allow viewers to get in touch with their inner child. More often than not, such films also feature an exemplary cast faced with the challenge of capturing all the characters’ emotions through voice. Ellen DeGeneres has done a marvelous job voicing Dory, and we feel ourselves crying and laughing with her throughout. As a sequel, the film also features honorary guest appearances by some characters from Finding Nemo, including the righteous turtle Crush and Mr. Ray.


Final Verdict: Finding Dory is a very cute, kid-friendly film that is all about finding your roots and discovering your potential. An inspirational watch if you’re in need of a motivational self-esteem boost. Definitely check out the Pixar short just before the feature film begins!


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