Kalki’s Awakening: When World Politics Meets Hindu Spirituality

The time has come for Kalki to arrive and save us all…

As a young Indian-American attending Chinmaya Mission and learning Bharatanatyam and Sanskrit, I was repeatedly exposed to the stories of the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu from Hindu mythology, with particularly vague mentions of the last avatar Kalki – the one that is yet to come, the savior of humanity from the impending destruction in Kali Yuga. Tradition holds that Kalki is supposed to arrive on a horse to rescue the world and protect us all. That’s pretty much the extent of what I got when learning about Kalki as a child.

In the last few months as things have taken an increasingly dark turn in the political, racial, social, and cultural dynamics of America and beyond, I have come to realize something. Maybe the Kalki we are supposedly waiting for is not some divine external force from an unknown distant land. Perhaps, just like Brahman, there lies a Kalki within each one of us, waiting to awaken, time after time, life after life – to defend truth, to uphold justice, to address issues that have long been lying dormant or silenced in history, herstory, theirstory. Embracing my identity as a spiritual warrior and an advocate for social change, I stand by my fellow community members through these tumultuous times in solidarity, service, sacrifice, and strength.

Alive, awake, aware – a Kalki is born in me.


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