Incredibles 2: A Fun, Family-Friendly, Superhero Adventure

Disney-Pixar dominates ticket sales and box office collections this week with their much awaited and highly anticipated superhero family friendly action flick Incredibles 2, which features the return of the Parrs saving the world while trying to keep their powers hidden from society. This film picks up right where its precursor left off – with the destruction and doom caused by the Underminer. What follows is somewhat similar to part 1, with Elastigirl/Ellen (Holly Hunter) taking one for the team and “working” (read: fighting crime) while Mr. Incredible/Bob (Craig T Nelson) dons the homemaker hat to manage the kids. The new element is the unique super villain Screenslaver, who uses technology to hypnotize and control people, wreaking havoc in the entire city.

Thematically, much of this film is a social commentary that addresses many issues in our society today. From the trance-like enslavement of technology and social media by the Screenslaver to the clear defiance of traditional gender roles by Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible to townspeople fighting for the legalization of supers (a minority population), Incredibles 2 is a millennial movie that succeeds at bringing these complex topics together into one cohesive narrative, without detracting from the cute, comedic, and realistic family dynamics of the Parrs. Director Brad Bird does an excellent job interweaving the day-to-day reality and superhero lives of the Incredible family.


As the second part of an existing franchise, Incredibles 2 – much to the excitement and appreciation of fans – features the reappearance of characters from part 1, including Edna (Brad Bird) and Frozone (Samuel L Jackson), whose witty dialogues are bound to spark laughter among viewers. One of the most adorable and entertaining characters in the film is definitely baby Jack Jack, whose discovery and exploration of his multitude of powers poses quite the challenge for stay-at-home dad Bob.


Final Verdict: Incredibles 2 may not have the most unique plot, as many of its twists and turns are predictable. Yet, the action, comedy, and entertaining family value make this sequel a worthwhile watch. As always, Disney-Pixar’s opening short film preceding the feature presentation is heartwarming and a true testament of the talent and creativity of this production company.


What do you think?

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